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Discover 11 Clever Methods For
Preserving Food Without Electricity
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Keep your food stores safe when the grid goes dark
What this CD set will teach you
Inside this CD set you'll discover over 11 alternative methods for preserving practically any type of food for long term storage... even if you have no electricity.
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • Exactly what to have on hand for a power outage that will save all the meat in your freezer when the grid goes dark
  • How The German Nazi's fed their troops without refrigeration - A WWII strategy that kept soldiers food from spoiling
  • How To Completely replace the need for refrigeration
  • How the settlers used in a pinch "clamping' as a temporary root cellar
  • Preserve your meats by learning how to build a "tepee" dehydrator
  • 11 non-electric methods of food preservation in total! - So that no matter what life throws at us, you have the ability to preserve any foods you grow, catch or kill, without modern technology
  • And much, much, more...
The Real Reason This Only Costs A Couple Bucks In Shipping...
About The Author
Chet Womach
Chet Womach is a Prepper currently dedicated to building a 22 acre self-reliant homestead in the Pacific Northwest.  He is also the producer of several best selling products on the market on the topics of, Emergency Medical training, Homesteading, & Self Defense & an admitted serial entrepreneur.
Why I'm giving away these CD's for just shipping

You may be wondering why I'm giving these CD's away for free + $2.95 shipping if they really are as good as I say they are. That's a great question and the reason I'll admit is a Selfish one.

You see, these CD's were recorded as part of a 7 Day Seminar Series I recorded called, The Survival Summit.  A product that we recorded and offer for sale for $49.95.  But instead of trying to talk you into how amazing those recordings are, I figured it would be easier to let you simply have one of them for free so you could see for yourself, in the hopes that if you do like it, you might come back and buy the full set of recordings from us in the future.

The full set of recordings covers many other survival topics like...

  • Survival Trapping Strategies
  • How to become an Herbal Medic
  • Techniques for Stopping Traumatic Bleeding
  • Urban Foraging Tactics
  • How to make more accurate decisions in life and death scenarios
  • And about 35 other topics along the same lines

If that sounds interesting to you, and you'd like to simply buy the full recordings of that even now click here.

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